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Who We Are

This is about people—ridiculously talented people of color who are out there getting it done.

They’re making.

They’re leading.

They’re innovating.

They’re walking through thresholds, knocking down walls, and challenging industries.

And yet, you might not even know who they are. The Boom List is changing that. These people need to be celebrated. Their ideas, heard. Their work, seen. Quite frankly, it’s time for these people to blow up.

What is the Boom List?

Creative industries shape much of the way we see the world yet are as much at fault as others when it comes to representation. The Boom List is a direct response to the inequitable lack of opportunities provided for creative thinkers of color to be seen and heard and grow. We are a network that elevates these people, amplifying their voices, driving connections amongst them, and inspiring their communities.

Who is TBL?

In 2018 Carl Desir, a talent development expert and former Global Executive Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at RGA, founded The Boom List to celebrate and highlight creative thinkers of color across varied industries.


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The List

Who’s changing the game, pulling no punches and delivering the creative work the world needs to see? Our community of course...


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Meg Linen

Senior Copywriter


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Azin Shamma

President / Creative Director
Little Tiger NYC Inc.


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  • Kandrea Wade
    PhD Student and Researcher/Founding Fellow
    University of Colorado-Boulder
  • Motion Graphics Designer
    Boombit Agency
  • Marketing Teacher + Google for Education Trainer
    Newport News Public Schools
  • Assistant Director
    Columbia University
  • VP of External Outreach
    Oregon State University
  • Co-Founder and Creative Director
    Case/by/Case NYC
  • Owner / Brand Architect
  • President, Chief Experience Officer